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Leuzinger High School Class of 1986


Welcome LHS Class of 1986!!!
Here's to our 20 Year Reunion!!!


Welcome to Leuzinger High School Class of 1986 website. This site was built with the hopes that our fellow classmates could have a place to reunite with one another and share memories of the good times at LHS.  Take a look around the site. We have several pages to check out. If you would like to submit any photos for the pages listed, please leave it to two pictures per page.  We also have polls  to take and up to date new on our Olympian News page. Feel free to leave messages for classmates on our message board and don't forget to sign the guest book on the bottom of this page. Thanks for visiting.

"Remember When ...."
 By Deanna Gallardo
 November 14, 2004  
    "Remember when..."was something that I would hear growing up as the older
 generation would sit and reminisce about "the good old times" of yesterday.
 As a kid sitting in a room full of "old people" (or so I thought at the
 time), I would so enjoy listening to how great times used to be when these
 people would talk about how times were so different and they would
 inevitably start a series of "Remember when..." questions. After a while,
 though, the kid in me would get tired of sitting around all of these "old
 people" and I would get up and go play with my little brother and cousins.
 Little did I know that at that time I would be making my own "Remember
    Now that I'm one of the old people (I'm 36 years young), I sit around
 with my husband, parents, siblings, my own kids and who ever wants to be a
 part of the "Remember when..." game.  I've spent most of my life living in the
 South Bay and so did my husband, which is a good thing when you play the
 "Remember when..." game. It always helps when someone has the same frame of reference as you.
 The area has changed SO much since we were kids and family time has changed as well. Kids don't know how to be kids anymore, even though we try to give them the same upbringing that our parents did with us. The "Information Age"
 has robbed our youth of their innocence. But that is a whole other story.
 Let's get back to our youth.  I'm going to throw a "Remember when..." so maybe
 you and yours can sit and play and pass this game on to the next generations.
 Remember when... The South Bay Galleria was a series of shops with May Company being the center of the plaza?
 Remember when... you could go to that same shopping center and have lunch at
 the lunch counter at Thriftys (Rite Aid now) or at  Newbury?   Newburys also
 had that wonderful candy counter with the great arrays of candies and that
 heavenly aroma. Kids would flock to that counter and press their nose
 against the window just for a peek.
 Remember when... you could go to Thriftys for an ice cream treat that would
 only set you back a nickel of a single scoop of ice cream, a dime for a
 double scoop, and a whole whopping FIFTEEN CENTS for a triple scoop that no
one could ever finish anyway? 
Remember when...a family outing to the Old Town Mall was a big deal? The rides
 for the kids, the Dixie Land Band in the food court, the arcade. That was
 fun times.  
 Remember when...getting 'back to school' things meant going to Zodys  and
 seeing all your friends there picking out their clothes and supplies as
 well? Then when you left you always got a bag of popcorn and an Icee.
 Remember when..."Star Wars" first came out and everyone flocked to see Darth
 Vader in person at May Company, only to be disappointed to see a short Darth
 Vader standing on a box? Where was the larger than life Darth?  
Remember when...there were only channels 2,4,5,7,9,11,13,28 and 52?
 Remember when... getting up in the morning to watch shows like "Wonderama",
 "Lidsville", "H.R. Pufnstuf", The Tom Hatten Show with his doodles turned
 pictures? (The Doodle game was something that my brother and I did for hours
 on end. 
Remember when... you finally got channel 52 clear so that you could watch
 "Speed Racer", "Kimba the White Lion" and the "Three Stooges"? 
Remember when...channel 7 had their afternoon movie and you could watch horror movies like "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (stuff you can't see anymore)?
 Remember when...the Helms Bakery Truck would drive around the neighborhood
 with it's awesome donuts?
 Remember when...the Redondo Beach Pier was an exciting place to visit?
 Remember when...your parents would dress you in your pjs and bundle you up in
 the back seat to go to the drive in movies? Remember the popcorn,
 stomachache pizza and the Flicks candy with the toilet paper tube covered in
 shiny foil?
 Remember when...instead of having to drive all the way to Sea World (which we
 would end up doing on occasion) you could drive to Palos Verdes and go to
 Remember when... Malibu Castle was a fun place? 
 Remember when...you would go to Licorice Pizza for the newest 45 record and  get free licorice? I remember collecting little, tiny bottle from there and
 my brother and I would go to the park and collect magnet dust.(Little did I
 know that the bottles were for another kind of "dust" but, hey, that's the
 innocence of youth for ya.)
 Remember when...you had birthday parties at Kiddyland and/or Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor?
 Remember when...Santa Claus was real and would ride down your street on his
 sleigh and give you candy? 
    I could go on and on with the "Remember when..." game but I thought that
 you and your loved one could make your own new ones. Youth is such a
 valuable thing and when you look back and see what a great time was had in
 your youth, try and take the time to create new ones for our youth today.

Now that you've read my article, I know many of your own "Remember When..." have been flooding back to you. Share some of them on the message board and let's see where it takes us.




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